Her Story is a series of images which strives to bring attention to women's rights. Each woman in this series has been photographed within a domestic space. Depending on age, the woman's awareness of the space around her changes. Madelyn, a 7 year old girl decides to do a head-stand in the chair while Leah, an 18-year-old, will cross her ankles and examine the space she is in. The notion of turning away from the viewer implies that each woman is turning away from old patriarchal notions, but as they are still encapsulated in these spaces, their bodies face contemporary ways in which they are being policed. In addition, most women within this series appears to be engulfed within the space; enhancing the idea that domestic spaces have in the past, been restricting spaces for women. 

Madelyn,  2017

Madelyn, 2017

Leah,  2017

Leah, 2017

Rachel,  2017

Rachel, 2017

Self Portrait,  2017

Self Portrait, 2017